Angela’s priority actions to create a fairer world:

A guaranteed livable income for all, combined with social supports, financed by progressive taxation policies that significantly reverse income and wealth inequalities.

A guaranteed livable income for all, including students and women that have lost their jobs in the pandemic, and workers displaced by the economic transition to a net-zero carbon economy. A minimum income must be combined with social supports such as mental health and addiction program investments. This durable social safety net must be combined with, and financed by, ramped up progressive taxation policies that significantly reverse income and wealth inequalities. 

Adopt equity and anti-racism lenses for all decision making, seeking fairness in outcomes for different groups.

Equity and anti-racism must be a lens in all decision making, tailored to different groups. This includes combatting colonialism; standing with the LGBTQ+ community; and opposing anti-Black racism, islamophobia, antisemitism and misogyny. Focus must be on security, rights and socio-economic equity in measured outcomes for different groups.

Invest in housing affordability and reverse the trend of homelessness.

Housing affordability needs to be tackled by all levels of government so that everyone can have a safe, affordable, dignified place to call home. Access to public land and incentives for creation of new rental housing units needs to be given to non-profit, social and supportive housing to stop housing costs from spiralling out of control and to firmly reverse the trend of homelessness.

Reform the long-term care home system.

The long-term care homes that take care of our elderly require systemic reform, inspected standards, and investment.  The abuses and deprivations experienced by our elderly and uncovered in the context of COVID cannot be ignored any longer.

Abolish post-secondary tuition, forgive federal student debt and re-instate the Canada Emergency Student Benefit.

We need to invest in our future, and foremost that means our youth.  Canada’s Greens look to make post-secondary education truly accessible for all, including through abolishing student tuition, forgiving all federally held student debt, and re-instating the Canada Emergency Student Benefit.  

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