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As a Green MP, Angela will not be afraid to call things as they are, speak truth to power, and work collaboratively and constructively towards better solutions. Green MPs have the freedom and responsibility to call out government inaction, and propose better ways forward. Angela has already demonstrated hard-working service for the Ottawa Centre community and new-comer priorities. She has a commitment to focus on the fundamental challenges facing us, and asking the right questions to make sure that things are actually getting done. 

Climate and Biodiversity

Creating a livable planet for our kids and grandkids


Everyone counts


Promises should be kept

Climate & Biodiversity

We must accept that our global ecology is in a dire state. It is our job to do something about it. Canada must step up, do the climate math, and do our fair share. We need to go into a non-partisan collaborative problem solving mode so future generations have a livable climate and abundant natural habitats. This graphic demonstrates just how much of a laggard Canada relative to other G7 nations in controlling and reducing our emissions.


COVID-19 has unmasked many deep inequalities and injustices in Canada. We have learned who the truly ‘essential’ workers are. Many of them are front-line workers, often in precarious jobs, female workers in the paid and unpaid care industry, racialized workers, youth and migrant workers in the agricultural sector. We are all human and have equal human rights. 


Governments and politicians must be held to account to keep their promises. Canadians have a right to expect transparency, accountability and integrity. Government must be accountable to the people, not corporate interests. Words, legislation, policies should matter. We have a right to expect competent and pragmatic policy implementation and follow-through on promises. 

The long dark shadow of colonization looms large, and a cloud of grief is over Canada as more unmarked children’s graves are found near former residential schools. The hurt, grief and damage as a consequence of the genocide must be healed. Colonial institutions and relationships must be deconstructed. A new relationship with Indigenous peoples – reconciliation – must be renewed and built on truths.

Angela is pragmatic — seizing on the issues of the day that can and must be addressed. At the same time she grasps the fundamental changes in our systems that are necessary for any kind of sustained prosperity for our grandchildren.

September 7, 2021

The Green Party Platform has been released!

The platform is based on three pillars:

  • Green Future — We have the chance of a lifetime to simultaneously tackle the climate crisis, while building a prosperous and sustainable economy for Canada.
  • Life with Dignity — The time for completing our social safety net has arrived: nobody in Canada should fall through the cracks when elected leaders can make a difference —  this is our commitment to a Life with Dignity for all.
  • Just Society — True action towards reconciliation, dismantling systemic racism, diversity in politics – the time is now.

Download the platform from here.

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