From April 23, 2019

“The voters of Prince Edward Island have shown our country the way forward,” says Angela Keller-Herzog, federal Green Party candidate in Ottawa Centre.  “People are tired of business-as-usual parties. They know we need a new approach, a different approach to politics altogether.”

Peter Bevan-Baker is now the leader of the first Green opposition in Canadian history, following a number of provincial wins for members of the Green Party in BC, New Brunswick and Ontario.

“The Green Party is no single-issue party, and Bevan-Baker is no single-issue politician,” says Keller-Herzog, congratulating him on his party’s impressive strides forward. “We’re a socially progressive party offering a clear choice for integrity on the basis of fiscal and environmental sustainability.”

“Seeing the Greens in PEI make such huge strides with few resources but big ideas reaffirms my belief that Angela will win in Ottawa Centre,” says Nic Baird, an Ottawa-based Green Party organizer.

Of course, the Green party’s performance is sadly overshadowed by the death of Green Party candidate, Josh Underhay, and his son, who passed away following a canoeing accident on April 19th.

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