Green Party

Mission: Possible

This past May, the Green Party of Canada release “Mission: Possible”. More exciting than yet another spy action thriller, Mission: Possible is the Green Party’s plan to avoid the looming climate catastrophe.

Broken down into high-level policy points, Mission: Possible is the foundation upon which the Green Party plans to build a roadmap towards a sustainable, prosperous – and indeed livable – future.

Vision Green & The Ottawa-Centre Green Party

The Ottawa-Centre Green Party fully recognizes and understands that climate change, growing economic inequality, and increasing social division caused by prejudices of all kinds are some of the most pressing challenges faced by our society today.

In 2007, the Green Party of Canada sought to lay of a framework of how these challenges could be addressed. Vision Green is a periodically updated document – by no means all-encompassing – that takes a detailed look at how Canada can transition to a green economy and a more just, sustainable society as a whole.

Action on climate change through a just, inclusive transition has become a regular topic of discussion in many households, workplaces and public forums here in Ottawa, across Canada and around the world. This is something the Green Party has been proposing for many years. We are happy that this discussion has been brought to the forefront.

Learn more about Angela Keller-Herzog on why she’s running for the Green Party here.

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