April 8th, 2019

Ottawa-Centre Greens Elects Climate Leader
Angela Keller Herzog to Challenge McKenna on Environmental Record

Ottawa, ON – Fresh from her latest environmental victory at City Hall, entrepreneur and community leader Angela Keller-Herzog has turned her attention to the federal arena, challenging Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna for the Ottawa-Centre seat in the October election. Her campaign officially began on April 7th when she was nominated as the Green Party Candidate for the riding.

Keller-Herzog is well known in the Ottawa community as an advocate for environmental, social, and economic justice. Earlier this year, as co-chair of Ottawa’s Community Actions for Environmental Sustainability (CAFES), Keller-Herzog was instrumental in convincing the City of Ottawa to start tracking and reporting their greenhouse gas emissions.

“If you say you’re going on a diet, but you don’t monitor what you’re eating and you never weigh yourself, are you really on a diet?” she asks.

She will harness the same energy and approach at the federal level, framing it in a similar way as how she brought the issue to the municipal government.

“We’re going to get the Minister of the Environment to step up to the scales and show us the results of her greenhouse gas reduction strategy so far: an increase in emissions. And we’ll advocate for affordable solutions that work.”

Trained as an economist (MA Carleton University ‘94) and drawing on decades of experience in international development, her community leadership coordinated a refugee welcoming committee that settled and supported 37 Syrian refugees in Ottawa.

More recently, Keller-Herzog has been running Angela’s Bed & Breakfast, an environmentally-conscious bed and breakfast in the heart of the Glebe. Throughout these experiences and others, Keller-Herzog has developed a down-to-earth, well-reasoned approach that she plans to bring to her campaign.

Participants in attendance at a Q & A session held in early March applauded her summary of Liberal environmental policy.

“[The Liberals] signed on to an international agreement to hold temperature increases at 1.5 degrees, then they kept Harper’s weak greenhouse gas reduction targets, then they bought a pipeline to support expansion of tar sands production which will massively increase Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions, no matter what other measures we take…It’s cognitive dissonance, it has to change.”

She decries the Liberals’ lack of transparency on promised measures such as removal of subsidies for fossil fuel development. “The lion’s share of fossil fuel subsidies that the federal government committed to getting rid of in 2009 are still in place 4 years after the Liberals came to power” she says.

“With our children’s future on the line, it is disturbing to see Liberal’s action and ambition on climate change fall far short of the task at hand.”

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