It’s time to Get Out The Vote for the Greens in Ottawa-Centre!

Volunteers Needed – we need all hands on deck! Please consider helping out for a couple hours this Thanksgiving weekend.

three people phoning with laptops, in a livigin room

From Friday to Monday, Oct 11-14, the advance polls are open, and we need YOUR help encouraging Green voters to GET OUT and VOTE for ANGELA!

To help, there are three simple tasks you can do:

1) Phone voters who we have identified as voting Green and encourage them to vote, help them find their polls, remind them of advance poll dates & times, offer them rides. This can be done online through the GVote program and training will be provided. You can do it from the campaign office or from your home / location of choice. There is a script loaded into GVote and it will keep track of the calls made. Log in and start phoning any time!

2) Knock on doors of identified Green voters for whom we don’t have phone numbers.

3) At the end of each day (6-8pm) we will be doing data entry, from information received by our scrutineers at the polls. This data needs to be entered into GVote so we can avoid phoning or canvassing people who have already voted.

By volunteering a few hours of your time to phone, canvass, drop off literature, enter data, or even drive people to the polls if requested, you can make a difference in this important election!

  • All you need to do is show up at the campaign office at 1018 Wellington St West (ideally, bring a laptop or a car/bike),
  • or you can phone from your own home easily via GVote (script provided).

Suggested shifts:
10 – 12 pm: phone or canvass
12 pm – 2pm: phone or canvass
2 pm – 4pm: phone or canvass
4 pm – 6pm: phone or canvass
data entry from 6pm – 8pm

The above shifts are suggested, but you can help for as many or as few hours as you want on Oct 11-14. Similar tasks will be done on election day Oct 21!

RSVP to help anytime on Oct 11 RSVP to help anytime on Oct 12 RSVP to help anytime on Oct 13 RSVP to help anytime on Oct 14

If you have any questions please reach out to or, or call the campaign office at 613-724-4566.

Also – don’t forget to VOTE yourself! Information on Advance Polls is available at

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