Date: 16/09/2019 

[Ottawa] — The Green Party and Ottawa Centre candidate Angela Keller-Herzog are certain the party’s 2019 platform best represents the interests of all Canadians, our kids and our planet. The full platform — made with vigorous consultations and research across Canada — is now available online. Angela Keller-Herzog believes these pragmatic and forward-thinking policies will see unprecedented support from Ottawa Centre voters on Oct. 21. 

Keller-Herzog asserts, “We CAN transition to a green economy with clean energy and rebalance the economy to be more fair and affordable for regular households. We need Greens in Parliament speaking truth to power.” Keller-Herzog is an economist, small business owner and progressive community leader. 

Canada needs to halve its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Time and again, previous governments have shown they only offer half-measures and climate goals they never intended to reach. 

The Greens have the only platform that proposes a clear and practical path towards meeting Canada’s carbon-reduction commitments from the Paris Agreement, while diversifying its economy through the creation of new industries and new green jobs. 

The party’s platform is a practical alternative to decades of insincere climate talk, and corporate cronyism in the federal government. It is the only platform that uses the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as guidelines. Having been vetted by the Parliamentary Budget Office, it is also economically sound. Practically, ethically and fiscally, it stands apart from the old-line parties’ platforms. It promises sweeping progress on the local, national and international level. 

The rights of women, LGBTQI2+ individuals and Indigenous Peoples stand at the core of the Green Party’s campaign. As the country enters a new decade, it needs new ideas and a young, diverse workforce. 

“The city of Ottawa is facing both an affordable housing crisis and an addiction crisis. Nearly 50% of indigenous children in Canada live in poverty. These issues need to be addressed. We need Greens in Parliament to demand progress on these policies and hold the old parties to account,” says Keller-Herzog.

As a Green candidate in Ottawa Centre, Keller-Herzog pledges to invest in: 

Healthy people, by

  • Expanding health care to include dental and pharmacare
  • Significantly strengthening mental health care, and
  • Fully committing to Truth and Reconciliation and implementing the recommendations outlined by the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Report

Healthy economy by,

  • Increasing taxes on the wealthy and large corporations, and eliminating the loopholes that allow them to exploit the taxation system
  • Making post-secondary education free, forgive existing student debt over $10,000 and invest in new training opportunities for the green economy
  • Creating a Guaranteed Livable Income program to eliminate poverty, and protect workers’ rights
  • Funding childcare to increase its quality and the participation of women in the workforce, and
  • Beginning a massive program to retrofit buildings with new, energy efficient fixtures, creating thousands of jobs in the trades,

A healthy planet by, 

  • Completely transitioning away from fossil fuels by 2050 and investing in new, climate-friendly industries, 
  • Completely stopping all government subsidies to the fossil fuel industry, and, 
  • Protecting Canada’s water and land from polluting waste, particularly single-use plastics 

“As an economist, I can hold the government to account. As your MP, I’ll work for real climate action and a fairer society,” said Angela Keller-Herzog on the launch of the Green Party of Canada election 2019 platform. 

For more information, contact: 

Diane Beckett – 613 809 7357

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