In 2019, Angela put the Green Party on the map in Ottawa Centre.
Help us build on that momentum.

Angela prides herself on building a grassroots campaign, supported by individual like you.

In 2019, we raised over $50,000 and were able to increase votes for the Green Party dramatically. This year, we are aiming to do evn more. Your donations help make this dream a reality.

If you support Angela’s priorities and values, please donated to the Ottawa Centre campaign. By donating to the campaign, you get a tax credit of up to 75%. The Ottawa Centre Green Party Electoral District Association will provide you with a tax receipt.



Contribution Tax Credit Your Actual Cost
$10 $7.50 $2.50
$25 $18.75 $6.25
$50 $37.50 $12.50
$100 $75 $25
$200 $150 $50
$400 $300 $100
$600 $400 $200
$1000 $558 $442
$1650 (max) $650 $1000

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